Get more nutrition in every bite

Processed foods often contain ingredients that bump up taste and texture, but add little in the way of nutrition. For truly healthy eating opt for DIY meals and snacks that are flavor and nutrient-packed. For example, treat yourself to banana “ice cream” by blending a frozen banana; instead of fatty “fries,” trim a few sweet potatoes into strips and bake them to crispy deliciousness; enjoy a healthy personal pizza made with a high fiber cracker topped with no added-sugar tomato sauce and low-fat Swiss cheese quickly broiled to toasty perfection.

For taste and nutrition you can’t beat fruits and vegetables that are currently in-season. March is an especially good time for apricots, asparagus, broccoli, honeydew, mango, snow peas, spinach, and strawberries, for example. Whenever possible opt for locally grown fruits and vegetables that are picked and delivered to market at their delicious and nutritious peak

Many processed foods are stripped of fiber, a zero-calorie nutrient that’s naturally filling. Delicious whole fruits, vegetables and grains are great sources of fiber, and with foods such as apples, pears and sweet potatoes, you’ll get the most fiber by eating them skin and all.