Rumours of gold raining: Hundreds start digging in Bagaluru.

Oct 12: Karnataka’s Bagaluru started digging around Anekal to find gold after a rumour claiming the yellow metal was raining in the region.

A couple of days ago, the rumour spread like wildfire about gold coins pouring from the sky during rainfall near Anekal’s Bagaluru police quarters at around 4 pm.

Believing the rumour, residents gathered near the area in hundreds of numbers amid the COVID-19 pandemic and started searching for the gold coins, said the report. Very few of them were wearing face masks.

People started digging at the roadside to find the gold coins, which they believed fell on earth along with the rain, it said.

According to the report, some of the residents even claimed to have found the gold in digging, the report stated. They showed small pieces of yellow metal and said they were gold, as per the report.

The locals believed that the gold coins were from ancient times, the report said, adding that they believed that the coins belonged to the rulers of the place.