Mysuru, Nov 17, 2019. Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore is a part of prestigious Apollo Hospitals Enterprise ed Market leader in Health care
Apollo Heart Institutes is a part of one of the largest groups of Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery in the world. The son card shows
an unmatched record of over and a centre of 100 000 heart surgeon with success rates comparable with international standards

Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore conducted ACVS 2019 with an am of treating Cardiac diseases which H been a global burden decade
now. The event was conducted at Country Inn & suites by Radisson, on 17th of November 2019 Doctors from Mysore and sending it
were invited and around 250+ doctors attended the symposium, the symposium was conducted mainly for the doctors to gain mom knowledge on
the relationship of cardiology with other fields of medicine, This has been one of the best platform with well organized scientific programs which
included symposium, key note lectures & panel discussions that were planned and presented to update the relationship with other fields of
medicine. Likewise, doctors from different specialties presented case studies and provided their ultimate talk to the delegates


Dr. Vijay HV
Consultant Radiologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore
Dr. Srinivas Nalloor
Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore
Dr. Arun Srinivas
Chie Cardiologs & Head of Heart Institutes, Apollo BGS Hospitals
Dr. Madhu K
Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore
Dr. Anish Behl
Consultant Diabetologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore
Dr. Aslam Khan
Consultant Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills

Role of MRI in IHD
Heart disease in CKD

Pacemaker therapy in Cardiac

Pulmonary Hypertension
Diabetic Dyslipidemia I CAD

Syncope – Evaluation

*Cardiovascular diseases have been a global burden and have increased the mortality rate in the past decade To reduce this, ACVS 2019 was
presented to the Doctors and this event AS we have been doing this since past 5 years. This year the hospital conducted a special event that a
BLS training for the press reporters and Advanced BLS training for the doctors. We ve had a good number of doctors attending the symposium and
the topics chosen are some of the exclusive topics of relationship of cardiology with other branches of medicine. This will help all the doctors who
attended the sessions to put the knowledge that they gained to fraction and treat their patients effectively says Dr. Arun Srinivas, Chief
Cardiologist Hoad of Heart Institutes, Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysuru