Airlift 2.0 – India will be operating 64 flights to 12 countries.

In what is being pegged as the largest repatriation exercise in history, India has launched an initiative to bring back Indians stranded in various parts of the world owing to the restrictions on air travel. According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, an overseas Indian citizenship (OCI) card holder, or any Indian who holds the citizenship of a foreign country, a valid visa of more than one year of that country or a green card can register for the repatriation exercise.

Air India will be operating 64 flights to 12 countries between May 7 and May 13 to bring back as many as 15,000 Indians. The Armed Forces have prepared six quarantine facilities with a capacity of 2,100 for Indian citizens returning from various countries as part of the Vande Bharat initiative.