Army to deploy ‘robots’ in Kashmir to fight terrorism

The Indian Army will deploy ‘robots’ in Kashmir to fight terrorism. The robots will help the forces in cordon-and-search operations , negotiating obstacles to lobbing grenades at terrorists holed up in buildings.

The Ministry of Defence has started the process of procuring around 550 robotics surveillance units with minimum 25 years of service life for counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

These robots should be capable of climbing stairs and negotiating obstacles apart from throwing grenades at terrorists in built-up areas. During cordon-and-search-operations in the Valley, these robots will be the first line of defence, thus helping prevent casualties.

The Ministry of Defence has on November 19 called the Indian industries to make representations of their products about robotics surveillance.

The force would use these robots in built-up areas-residential and commercial areas-for also gathering real time intelligence inputs prior to movement of troops.

These robotics surveillance platforms will comprise a launch unit, surveillance camera to provide input in both day and night mode and transmission system, with range between 150 meters and 200 meters.

Further, it should be lightweight, rugged and portable and at the same time, shockproof to withstand firing or attacks from terrorists.