Indian Navy Day: December 4 is Dedicated to the Country’s Naval Forces

December 4 is celebrated in India as the National Navy Day in remembrance of the launch of Operation Trident during the Indo-Pak war in 1971. On December 4 in 1971, during Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar, killing hundreds of Pakistani Navy personnel. To mark the achievement and remember those who laid their lives for this, India celebrates December 4 as the Indian Navy Day.

To mark the day, the Navy organises a Beating Retreat and Tattoo Ceremony at Gateway of India, Mumbai on the eve of the Navy Day. This is especially for the show to the general public, where India Naval Band performs in the city of Mumbai.

Indian Navy Day: History and Significance

Between the night of December 4 and 5, Indian Army launched a devastating attack on the Pakistan Naval Headquarters in Karachi. A total of 3 Vidyut class missile boats (INS Nipat, INS Nirghat, and INS Veer), 2 anti-submarines and a tanker were involved from the Indian side which resulted in the sinking of four Pakistani vessels, thus killing over 500 Pakistani Navy personnel. Meanwhile, the Indian side suffered no losses.

Today, the Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. It is led by the President of India as Commander-in-Chief. The Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsle of the 17th century, is considered as “Father of the Indian Navy”.