Pregnant Elephant killing case: One man Arrested by Kerala Police.

Kochi: Police have arrested an accused in the case of the death of a pregnant Hathini in Kerala. Forest Minister K Raju says that all those involved in the murder of elephantwill be arrested. The police and the forest department are investigating the case. According to media reports, a pregnant elephant reached a village in Mallapuram district of Kerala

It is worth mentioning that a picture embarrassing humanity was revealed from Mallapuram in Kerala. Here a pregnant female came to the village near the forest in search of food, but there mischievous elements fed firecrackers with firecrackers in pineapples, which caused her mouth and jaw to be badly bled. According to a forest department official, his teeth were also broken by the explosive. Even after this, the female elephant did not harm anyone in the village and she reached the Veliyar river, where the injured elephant remained standing for three days with her mouth in the water. Later she and the unborn child died.

According to forest department officials, the Elephant would have been 14-15 years old. Forest Department officials received this elephant on 25 May. He died standing on the river on 27 May. The Forest Department tried to save his life, but he could not do so. BJP MP and Animal Right Activist Maneka Gandhi has questioned the Kerala government.