Science experiment demonstration held at Amrita

Department of Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Mysuru campus in association with Bhramara Trust of Y.T. & Madhuri Thathachari organised “Science Experiment Demonstration” on October 18.

Dr.Uday Maitra, Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, IISc Bengaluru, was the resource person. Quoting Louis Pasteur,  Prof.Maitra reminded the students that “chance favours only the prepared mind”. By this, he meant that sudden flashes of insight don’t just happen; they are the products of preparation. Preparation, therefore, is the key to a successful and fulfilling scientific career. He also advised the students to never give up even if they are in critical conditions.

He demonstrated various experiments on essential concepts in chemistry such as checking the density of H 2 O, elephant toothpaste among others. Spectacular views which showed a scattering of light using chemiluminescent materials captivated the attention of the young audience.

Bhramara Trust of Y.T. & Madhuri Thathachariwith, an objective to promote interest among youth on the study of pure sciences organizes various programmes and this is one such initiative.  Madhuri, managing trustee, Br. Venugopal, correspondent, Amrita Mysuru; Dr Rekha Bhat, Principal, Amrita Mysuru; students and staff members from the department of sciences were present on the occasion.