The ‘Chaiwala’ of 2014 has made an emphatic comeback to haunt the Congress as the ‘Chowkidar’ of 2019

India, March 23 — The humble Chaiwala background of Narendra Modi was the talking point during 2014 LS elections. The Congress scored self-goals one after another by ridiculing the Chaiwala which did not go down well with the electorate because of which the Congress was reduced to 44 seats, their worst ever performance in any LS elections.

Mani Shankar Aiyar had said, “Modi cannot become PM. If he wants to sell tea, we will give him a place during Congress sessions.”

I don’t know whether today Aiyar regrets having uttered these words, but the entire Congress party was blown away just for this tasteless ego-filled statement.

During the 2014 election campaign, Narendra Modi had categorically mentioned that he would act as a Chowkidar or Watchman to ensure corruption free governance. Five years later he is now facing the electorate not as a Chaiwala, but as a successful Chowkidar.

The Chaiwala is no more, now it is Chowkidar and the electorate like it as they liked Chaiwala.

Congress did not learn any lesson from the drubbing they got in 2014 for its Chaiwala jibe. Rahul Gandhi is leading the attack against PM Modi by raising the slogan ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ at almost all rallies. The social media team of the Congress party is taking it further.

The electorate are not amused. Why?

First, the general awareness of citizens has gone up substantially. Mere allegations are no more considered as proofs. Rahul Gandhi has not been able to substantiate his charges against PM and hence he is being ignored by people as a chronic liar. People know that Rafale is the cleanest deal.

Second, PM Modi had run his government in a transparent manner without an iota of corruption. PM Modi’s track record is such that any allegation of corruption against him will not hold water. Modi is incorruptible and hence the Congress is committing suicide by baseless accusations against him.

Third, the fugitives such as Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, who were enjoying their lives under the UPA government, had to flee the nation because of the strict Chowkidar. The Congress used the propaganda to show that the Chowkidar was inefficient and so the thieves fled. Some people initially believed the propaganda. But with the news of the extradition of Vijay Mallya and the arrest of Nirav Modi, people now know that the Chowkidar is awake and is doing his job par excellence.

Fourth, the people usually ridicule the pot who calls the kettle black. Running on bail for fraud cases, Rahul Gandhi does a laughable thing by levelling corruption allegations against a proven honest person like PM Modi. Not only the Congress supremo, but also most of his team members are on bail for corruption cases. In this scenario, they are mocking themselves by accusing PM without an iota of proof.

Last but not the least, people are witnessing a strong Chowkidar at the helm of affairs, who won good name for the country and brought Pakistan on its knees.

To put a break on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ jibe, PM Modi did a stupendous thing. He declared that anyone who fights against corruption, social injustice and dirtiness is a Chowkidar. He said he was not alone as there were many such Chowkidars in the country.

Moments later #MeinBhiChowkidarHun campaign picked up speed and millions declared themselves as Chowkidars much to the embarrassment of the Congress. Many people added Chowkidar before their names to show solidarity with PM Modi. This unprecedented support was a clear sign of wide spread approval for Modi across the country. The Congress is sulking, but then truth always wins.

The Chaiwala of 2014 has come back as the Chowkidar of 2019 to haunt the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi should understand that asking a few people to raise a slogan like ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ is not going to help him. The irony is the party is still making the same mistakes they had made in 2014. They ridiculed the Chaiwala then and they are ridiculing the Chowkidar now, without reason and without proof. Each time a Congressman ridicules the Chowkidar, the BJP will get hundred thousand votes.

Can someone from Rahul Gandhi’s advisory team tell him to stop it?

Perhaps no, because the Congress’ game plan is to invent a fake scam and parrot it.

The Congress will continue with its Chowkidar jibe and be reduced to less than what they had got last time. Aiyar will finally smile as this time the Congress supremo will have to take the blame for the ensuing electoral loss.

The mood in the electorate is as follows:

A Chor calls the honest Chowkidar as Chor

Chowkidar is Pure and the next PM for Sure

Congress is the disease and Chowkidar is the Cure.

Such mindset of the electorate sounds like music to the BJP, but spells doom for the Congress party. There is no doubt whose going to win.

The Chaiwala had won in 2014 and the Chowkidar will most likely win in 2019.

The Congress should forget the 2019 general elections and start preparing for the 2024 elections without indulging in any personal attacks against Modi, or else they will be history much sooner than predicted.