64ft-tall monolithic statue of Lord Vishnu reaches Bengaluru temple

A massive monolithic statue ofVishwaroopa Mahavishnu , weighing 300-tonne, was brought to a temple here on Tuesday.
The statue, which is 64 feet tall, will be installed in the premises of Kothandaramaswamy temple in Viveknagar area of .
Upon the arrival of the statue on a large truck, a large number of people gathered at the spot to get a glimpse of the structure and to offer their prayers to the almighty.

The statue was transported from Tamil Nadu to our place in Karnataka”.
Asserting that it will take time to install the statue, he added, “It took almost 7 to 8 months to transport this statue. Many people worked hard and local residents from Tamil Nadu also supported the cause. Presently, the height of the statue is 64-65 feet and the width is about 26 feet. The installation and project completion will take 2 to 3 years. After completion of the project, the height will be 108 feet.”