At Howdy Modi, PM says ‘all is well’ in multiple Indian languages, ends Hindi debate

The crowd went into raptures as Modi talked about diluting Article 370 and in a reference to Pakistan, said it was time to unite against terrorism and those behind it

Bonhomie was all on display at the stadium as US President Donald Trump and Modi showered praise on each other

Trump called Modi “the most loyal friend of U.S.” after Modi had literally campaigned for the U.S. President in his speech earlier, chanting, “abki bar, Trump sarkar,” a copy of his 2014 successful slogan, ‘abki bar, Modi sarkar’ (this time, Modi government). Trump is seeking re-election in Presidential elections next year. Trump spoke for 34 minutes after which he sat in the audience to listen to Modi’s speech who spoke in Hindi for 47 minutes.

Modi called upon the audience to give a standing ovation to Trump for fighting against terrorism. The event, titled ‘Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,’ was organized by Texas India Forum. Modi welcomed “a very special person whose name is familiar to every person on the planet.”

Trump kept his hand on Modi’s shoulder as the two walked together on the stage. The proceedings, long underway before Modi arrived at 9.40 PM India time, had the U.S. anthem ‘Star Spangled Banner’ played followed by India’s.

The event was nothing short of a major Hollywood premiere as Trump arrived 50 minutes later yellow Nehru shirt on top his trademaek white coloured ethnic sherwani.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was the first to speak on the occasion as he welcomed Modi and a Congressional delegation to the stadium. A fusion gospel choir sang Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite song, “Vaishnav Jan Toh,” a prayer penned by 15th century poet Narsimha Mehta.