IMA Jewellery scam: More than 8,000 cases booked, govt orders SIT probe.

Hundreds of investors at Bangalore had thronged the ‘I Monetary Advisory jewels’ store on Monday worried about their money, after an audio clip surfaced with a person alleged to be its founder and managing director Mohammed Mansoor Khan heard saying he is going to commit suicide as he was fed up with corruption. In the audio that has caused panic among investors, the person, allegedly Khan, is heard addressing police that he was committing suicide as he was fed up with corruption in the state and central government.He is also heard accusing central and state officials of harassing him, compelling him to take the extreme step.

He also asks police to sell all his wealth and jewellery to pay investors and is heard accusing a politician of taking Rs 400 crore from him and not returning it. Bengaluru jeweller names Congress leader In the audio clip that has been widely circulated, the man talks of officials accepting bribes of upto Rs. 400 crore and alleges the involvement of senior Congress legislator Roshan Baig. Roshan Baig, who was recently in the news for his strong and public criticism of senior Congress leaders, has said he was not part of the firm and that he would be taking legal action. He also allegedly gave his location as south Bangalore, adding that he would not be alive by the time the audio reaches the public and that the “police” can sell off his “wealth” worth Rs 500 crore and repay the investors.