Justice for Madhu-A Heart bursting murder in Raichur.

 In a barbaric incident, the burnt body of a civil engineering student identified as Madhu has been found in Raichur shocking the conscience of the people. Suspicions have now been raised over the nature of the death of the girl.

According to the local reports, a girl named Madhu who was a student of Navoday Engineering College, Raichur went missing on the April 15th. The parents of the girl began to locate her as she did not return to the house even after three days. However, the half-burnt body of Madhu hanging near a tree was found near the outskirts of the city. The sheer brutality heaped upon the body of the deceased shocked the very core of the city.

It was believed that the deceased Madhu had committed suicide.

However, the parents and friends of the deceased suspected a foul play. The horrific scenes of the madhus half-burnt body hanging from the tree had left her parents and friends in a shock, who are now asserting that her daughter was brutally murdered.

Friends of the deceased and the college have hit the streets in protest against the brutal death of Madhu. Students are demanding for the immediate investigation to find out nature and circumstances surrounding to the death.

The police had registered a case and arrested one person, he said. An investigation is ongoing.